Sex Queen Missing?

Reshma was a queen of hearts of many sex lovers not only India but also all around the world . She is the most beautiful and popular porn actress in the India had seen before Sunny Leone came into prominence in the era of hi-speed internet, where accessing porn is just a click away.

Until the late 90s, Reshma literally ruled the Malayalam porn industry and was even a close rival to yet another adult film actress, Shakeela. Like many other young starlets, Reshma too entered the film industry hoping to become a notable actress. However, with no chances to test her luck, Reshma was lured into the porn industry and there was no stopping for her. She was the highest paid adult film actress in those days with a remuneration of 5 lakhs per film. However, with the advent of internet, the adult film industry soon lost its shine and Reshma and many other actresses like her lost work

Reshma then took to prostitution and solicited several high profile personalities including top businessmen, politicians and other celebs until she was caught by police in 2007. A video in which a policeman interrogating her was in news prominently for few days. Reshma was then out on bail and no one knew about her whereabouts since then. Some believe that she's dead and that some say that she went in exile and lives a lonely life free from media glare. All of her fans are looking her back with her sexy stunning actions.